Guild profile

The association was founded on December 9, 1953. There are currently around 200 members in the association. They are filament (silk) weaving manufacturers which products includes woven cloth containing man-made filament or more than 50% silk, label tag, weaving belt & colorful cloth and so on. Among them, the filament woven cloth (including Nylon cloth, Polyester cloth, special cloth, and every kind of new-synthetic fiber woven cloth) shares over 97% of exports. Their applications are broad such as umbrella, raincoat, preventing- cloth, garment, snow coat, lining cloth of apparel, men's and women's suit/jacket, shirt, cover sheet, curtain, tent, cloth for handbag, for fire-proof, for bullet-proof, and for anti-UV industrial usage. They are also applied for  label tag, ambrosia, lace, and weaving belt as accessories for clothing or related products. As for silk cloth, it is applied for kimono, men/women shirt, and dress.
Taiwanese man-made filament weaving industry, is along with the launching of every synthetic fibers developed and with the efforts of developing specialized texturing mills and technique improvement in dyeing and finishing factories, has produced various special textured, glossy, and function cloth during these years. Such   products are not only contained excellent features of natural fibers. but also without flaws like easily-wrinkle and must-be-dry-clean of it. Taiwanese filament weaving industry exports is US$2.15 billions in 1998. It is US$3.5 billions in total if including US$1.33 billions of dipping, coating, and converted filament woven product as base material. The value is 24% share of textile industry exports, which is US$14.5 billions. The industry is extremely important and the most potential one among textile industry in Taiwan. There will be more and more special function fibers for apparel and industry to be launched in the future due to man-made fiber is capable of any possibility, technology development and continuous R & D in every man-made fiber manufacturing country. We may say that man-made filament (silk) weaving  industrial is marching toward high technology. 
The objective of all service  in the association is to enhance the ability of production, management. R & D, marketing manufacturers in the same line, to assist members in lowing cost, upgrading management competitive competence. We welcome any  silk (filament weaving) mills that have not joined our association to apply for membership quickly to share our service.